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Cost for Indy Phoenix FC 

Our board, parents & athletes fundraise extensively to off-set most of the expenses of running a travel soccer club. Although additional player expenses may pop-up from time to time, generally here’s what you can expect:

Players pay:

  • $125 a year club fee
  • Uniform cost (worn for 2 years) at a 30% discount that is passed on to players.
  • All other accessories (warm-ups, etc.) are optional and have the same discount.
  • If the teams travel out of town for overnight play we ask the parents to chip in to pay for coach’s expenses.


Indy Phoenix FC will provide: 

  • 4 tournaments a year (2 fall, 2 spring) all teams through U13
  • 3 tournaments a year U14 –U19, 1 Post HS, including College Showcases
  • State, President, Challenge, & Memorial Cup Fees
  • Referee Fees
  • State Player Fees
  • State League Fees
  • Great Lakes Conference League and Referee Fees

All coaches and administrators are volunteers.